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We simplify data protection stategies for SMBs

Our Mission

Frontline is changing the game when it comes to data protection. We offer data protection solutions specifically for small and medium sized businesses, providing complete data protection and disaster recovery for one fixed price.

The Frontline ECHOplatform is the first software platform designed to deliver complete protection for physical and virtual data in one location for a fixed price with unlimited storage. Our products are backed by world-class customer service from the Frontline Support team. On top of our industry-leading U.S.-based technical support staff, our knowledgeable Partner Management Specialists deliver expert onboarding and product training to help small and medium sized businesses secure their data.

It’s all part of our mission to help you succeed. By simplifying data protection pricing, delivery, and support, we make it easier for SMBs to to treat data as a core business asset and protect it with the same priority as their physical location and liability. With their data safe, SMBs can focus on what matters most: growing a thriving business.

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