Complete Data Protection for Your SMBs

Frontline ECHOplatform – Built to Secure and Manage Your Business

The Frontline ECHOplatform simplifies how a complete data protection and business recovery strategy is deployed by putting everything MSPs need all in one platform.
Covering each use case from data recovery, to application recovery, to business recovery, Frontline provides a complete platform that allows you to consolidate your storage solutions and meet your clients risk, recovery, and cost objectives.

Frontline is well known as a leading provider of file and folder backup. Recent upgrades to our data protection platform means that we now cover much more, including native Hyper-V and VMware backup, and support for Exchange and SQL Server databases.

Expand Beyond File and Folder

Expand your protection of virtualized environments with support for both Hyper-V and VMware platforms.

Protect all of your physical machines from one platform and enjoy flexible and fast image recovery.

Frontline offers native Microsoft SQL Server backup that enables unlimited versions of SQL databases from BCDR threats like user error or equipment failure.

Frontline offers a native Microsoft Exchange backup solution that lets you choose how much Exchange data you want to protect and recover.

Your Complete Backup Solution


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