Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore

Starting over just got easier

SMBs facing a crashed server or data disaster don’t have a moment to waste, and they need your help to recover their data as fast as possible.

Bare metal restore from Frontline simplifies and speeds up the restore process so that you can quickly get your business back on its feet.

It’s available at no extra cost as part of the Frontline ECHOplatform, which enables you to protect your entire business with one solution.

Simplified, Centralized Image Protection

Frontline BMR simplifies and automates much of the restore process, reducing the effort it takes to recover your SMBs’ business.

  • Recover back to original system or a like/dissimilar machine
  • Avoid manually building new volumes thanks to automated restore
  • Standardize all your physical and virtual backup on one platform

Flexible Image Recovery Options

Frontline BMR offers exceptional granularity and flexibility, enabling you to support a wide range of hardware and recovery use cases.

  • Recover to specific Point in Time to meet unique restore needs
  • Restore to replacement machine with similar or different hardware configuration
  • Leverage image backup solution to recover systems to virtual environments


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