Exchange Backup

Exchange Backup

Backup and recovery for Microsoft Exchange

Frontline offers a native Microsoft Exchange backup solution that puts the SMB owner in the driver’s seat, letting you choose how much Exchange data you want to protect and recover.

With the power of the Frontline Exchange Store at your fingertips, you can keep your SMB safe from the risks of data loss due to accidental file deletion, a full server crash, or a natural disaster.

Native Exchange backup

  • Supports Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Back up full servers or individual messages, with flexible scheduling
  • Automated backups occur in the background to avoid interruptions

Fast, Flexible Recovery

  • React quickly to data loss with our simple and fast restore tool
  • Restore specific mailboxes or messages with granular recovery
  • Sort by date to restore full Exchange Information Stores


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