Hyper-V Backup

Hyper-V Backup

Secure data protection for Hyper-V VMs

Frontline offers native backup for Hyper-V virtual machines, which allows businesses to protect this virtualization solution using the same web-based backup platform they use for rest of their data.

Hyper-V backup from Frontline also offers military-grade data encryption and flexible recovery options, empowering businesses to expand their data protection footprint with a secure, scalable virtual machine backup platform.

Local and Cloud Backup

  • Back up any number of VMs on a single hypervisor via our agent
  • Store compressed and encrypted VMs locally, in the cloud, or both
  • Automate backups and store unlimited historical versions of VMs

Flexible Hyper-V Recovery

  • Recover VMware virtual machines locally in minutes, not hours
  • Restore VMs into an isolated environment on production equipment
  • Perform true disaster recovery testing easily


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